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Labeling layers

With Utils.labelLayer() you can quickly give a layer a visible name.

Utils.labelLayer layer, text

layer — The layer you want to label.
text — The text you want to label it with.


In the example below I used 🛠 Random Color to get different background colors, and made the color values visible with the following line:

Utils.labelLayer cell, cell.backgroundColor.toString()
Random colors exposed
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The text created by Label Layer can be too big. But since the function just uses a layer’s innate HTML powers you can easily change it, to 30 points for instance:

cell.style =
    fontSize: "30px"

Just be sure to make this style change to a layer after using Utils.labelLayer() on it, because the utility resets the text styling.

The next example will label all layers in a project. If a layer has a name property, it will use that. Alternatively, it will get the name of the variable you used.

# Label all layers
for layer in Framer.CurrentContext.layers
    if layer.name
        Utils.labelLayer layer, layer.name
        Utils.labelLayer layer, layer.__framerInstanceInfo.name
    layer.style.fontSize = "20px"

The property we’re using, __framerInstanceInfo, is ‘private,’ though. The fact that it starts with underscores signals that it’s not for public use, so there’s no guarantee that this will keep working in future versions of Framer.

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