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Font Style

‘Times’ has an italic version, but ‘San Francisco’ doesn’t
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Italic and Oblique are the options here, but you could pick either one.

Well, in theory, there should be a difference …

  • An italic is a specially drawn, more cursive version of a typeface.
  • And an oblique is merely a slanted version of the typeface.

… but in practice, only a few fonts have both versions. (Lucida Grande seems to be one, but that’s not a web font.)

Garamond / Garamond Italic / Garamond Oblique (Wikipedia)

When there’s no italic version available, oblique will be used anyway (or created on the fly). That’s why I always pick "italic", so that when a font might have both I’ll at least get the attractive option.

Italic versions of font weights can be selected in Design’s ‘Style’ menu (when a typeface has them).