Hyperlapse » Third video page: Train

Third video page: Train

The video file is Video_3_train.mp4, and the text image is Share_your_hyperlapses_with.png.

By now you can almost do this blindfolded. Don’t forget to place them in their own, private page_3 layer.

# Page 3: Train video
page_3 = new Layer
    size: Screen.size
    backgroundColor: null
Video_3_train = new VideoLayer
    size: Screen.size
    video: "images/Video_3_train.mp4"
    backgroundColor: null
    parent: page_3
Video_3_train.player.loop = yes
Share_your_hyperlapses_with = new Layer
    width: 539/2
    height: 104/2
    image: "images/Share_your_hyperlapses_with.png"
    x: Align.center
    y: 47.5
    opacity: 0.8
    parent: page_3
Download Framer project

You can also just copy/paste the above code, and then manually move the .mp4 and .png files to the images folder inside your Hyperlapse.framer folder.

Third video: Train