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Swiping between the video pages

We can now gather these four pages and place them side-by-side in a PageComponent.

# Carousel for the 4 video pages
page = new PageComponent
    size: Screen.size
    scrollVertical: no
# Add the pages to the PageComponent
page.addPage page_1
page.addPage page_2
page.addPage page_3
page.addPage page_4

We gave the PageComponent the screen’s width and height, made sure only horizontal scrolling is possible, and then added the pages one by one.

You may have noticed in the original app that you can’t scroll past the first or last page. There’s no overdrag, so you can’t even peek to see if the splash screen is still there.

We disable overdrag on the content layer (the one that’s actually being dragged) with this line:

# Disable overdrag
page.content.draggable.overdrag = no

At this point you can also get rid of the player.play() lines that might still be there. We’ll start the playback of the videos again later. For now, delete these 4 lines:

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Swiping between the video pages