Hyperlapse » Make ‘Swipe to continue’ appear after 10 seconds

Make ‘Swipe to continue’ appear after 10 seconds

We add a variable, user_has_swiped, and set it to no.

# Make ‘Swipe to continue’ appear
user_has_swiped = no
# User hasn’t swiped after ± 10 sec of 1st video?
# -> tell them to swipe
Utils.delay 15, ->
    if user_has_swiped is no
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If user_has_swiped continues to be no after 10 seconds into the first video (± 15 seconds after the prototype started) we’ll start the showSwipeToContinue animation.

But if by that time the user has moved on, user_has_swiped will be set to yes (we’ll do that in one of the next steps) and the ‘Swipe to continue’ coach mark will never appear.

Make “Swipe to continue” appear automatically