Hyperlapse » Fourth video page: People

Fourth video page: People

There’s Video_4_people.mp4, and two PNGs: Get_started_by_letting_Hyperlapse.png and Allow_access.png.

The second .png is the big white button on this page.

# Page 4: People dancing video
page_4 = new Layer
    size: Screen.size
    backgroundColor: null
Video_4_people = new VideoLayer
    size: Screen.size
    video: "images/Video_4_people.mp4"
    backgroundColor: null
    parent: page_4
Video_4_people.player.loop = yes
Get_started_by_letting_Hyperlapse = new Layer
    width: 530/2
    height: 105/2
    image: "images/Get_started_by_letting_Hyperlapse.png"
    x: Align.center
    y: 47.5
    opacity: 0.8
    parent: page_4
Allow_access = new Layer
    width: 440/2
    height: 100/2
    image: "images/Allow_access.png"
    x: Align.center
    y: 124.5
    parent: page_4
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Fourth video: People dancing