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More CoffeeScript

Be sure to take a look at Framer’s Programming page because it touches on a few more concepts: Classes and Scope.

If you want to learn more, to build even craftier prototypes or venture into web development, here are some pointers.

There’s the official website:

But it’s rather dense because it contains everything—every piece of syntax—in one single page. It does have a resources section at the bottom, though.

Books for beginners

The problem with many books, even the concise Little Book on CoffeeScript, is that they are written for JavaScript developers.

I found one book that’s really for programming noobs. It explains everything step-by-step, is free, and is also interactive— you can try the code examples directly in the book:

Another ‘for beginners’ book is this one, which also can be read online for free:

Video courses

I found these video courses, but the same disclaimer applies: some are aimed at JavaScript developers.