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Making only the first tab active

Currently, all the tabs are red, while only the first one should be, and the inactive tabs should be gray.

I left them red on purpose because you can tweak a layer’s color in Framer. And removing a color (using grayscale or saturate) is especially easy.

We use a for…in loop to iterate through all of $.Tabs’s children and dial down their color saturation to zero, which will make them gray. They’ll still be a bit too dark, but by also lowering their opacity to 60% they’ll have the correct shade of gray.

for tab in $.Tabs.children
    tab.saturate = 0
    tab.opacity = 0.6

And then we can reset these properties for $.Tab_Library, because that’s our first tab, the one that should be active.

$.Tab_Library.saturate = 100
$.Tab_Library.opacity = 1
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All tabs but the first one are now gray